Storytellers: Ella, Jacob, Peri, Vivian
Mama Euralie: Kati
Tonton Julian: Tim
TiMoune: Kennedy
Little TiMoune: Nora
Daniel: Mason
Daniel's Mother: Shannon
Andrea: Peyton
Papa Ge: Chloe
Asaka: Karter
Agwe: Roslyn
Erzulie: Kailyn
Gatekeeper: Ryan Mensen
Daniel Son: Jack
Gossips: Lily, Zoe, Lauren, Delaney, Ryan Munsey
Youth Chorus: Violet, Annemarie, Nora, Jack

Once on This Island Jr.

July 19-22, 2018

Theatre Company Performing Arts Studio

1400 North Benson Avenue, Upland
Once Upon a Mattress
July 20-23

We are located in Upland, CA across from Cable Airport and adjacent to
The Theatre Company.
Come see our shows and support community theatre in Upland!
1400 N Benson Ave
Upland, CA 91786